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130 Davis Drive, Newmarket, On, L3Y 2N1 ~ Phone: (905) 954-0289

Lunch Special ~ Mon - Wed - Thu - Fri 11:30am–3:00pm ~ $9.99 ~ Your choice of Vegetarian Curry Or Chicken Curry Or Lamb Curry ~ All lunch specials are served with Rice, Naan, Salad and Dal.

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A fully licensed restaurant furnished with contemporary furniture blended with traditional Indian decor takes diners to the mystic heights of enjoying authentic Exclusive Indian Cuisine.  The comfortable and elegant setting is fully equipped to entertain 120 guests at one given time in a unique fusion of contemporary and traditional atmosphere.


Spices are an integral part of Indian food. This does not mean that Indian dishes are always hot. It does mean that they are well seasoned and aromatic. There are some hot dishes especially in the South of India, but overall the dishes of India are skilfully prepared with the cook having a mastery over the properties of spices and how they are blended. The cook will use cooling spices as well as warming spices, bland spices as well as pungent spices, sweet spices as well as hot spices. The cook will also use spices for colour and healthful properties. Most cooks in India also know how to use spices seasonally. In everyday cooking in India spices are used very sparingly or the dishes are seasoned with very few spices and are supplemented with fresh herbal seasonings.

Fresh herbal chutneys, dried fruit chutneys and hot pickles complement an Indian meal. These small additions to the meal take the Indian menu to a higher level of taste experience. They lend strong flavour impact to the meal. They also balance taste, as they are sweet, pungent, hot, and sour all at the same time. The fresh herbal chutneys make the meal very fresh and tasty. Popular fresh chutneys are cilantro, mint, amla, coconut chutneys and popular pickles include lime, mango, and eggplant. Indian pickles are preserved in oil as opposed to vinegar.

Our experienced chefs with years of achievement with renowned hotels would enchant you with unique recipes and fine balance of spices.




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