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SNAP Dec 2007

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2007 December > Interested in India?

India Gate Exclusive Indian Cuisine was the host of a fantastic evening of information and inspiration to visit India thanks to Airliners, Jet Airways and India Tourism. The three teamed up for a series of dinner presentations to promote tourism in India, and the message definitely hit home being accompanied by a tasty authentic Indian dinner! For more information you can visit www.jetairways.com, www.airliners.ca or www.atourz.ca.

Image Number: 137528
India Gate owner Parshotam, Kiron of Airliners and Ajay of Jet Airways
Image Number: 137530
Christine of Jet Airways with Julia and Betty
Image Number: 137529
Owen and Carol
Image Number: 137533
Mary and Rose of Marlin Travel
Image Number: 137531
Pat and Zelda of Uptown Travel
Image Number: 137532
Abhishek, Deanna and Sarah of India Gate
Image Number: 137527
Barbara and Lori




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